RGN Registration and Setup

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Step 1: Register with the platform


You have to complete the following fields (all required except Telephone):

  • Name - your real name as a representative of the organization.
  • Username - your Regi-On account user name.
  • Password/Confirm Password - your Regi-On account password
  • Email Address/Confirm email Address - this email is used to confirm your account and for other official communication means. This email address MUST nout be previously used to register with the platform (you cannot register two accounts using the SAME email address).
  • Name of the Business or Organisation - used by the partner page and the partner entry in the mobile apps. Also used in the legal agreement.
  • Name of the CEO - used by the partner page and the partner entry in the mobile apps. Also used in the legal agreement.
  • Address - used by the geolocation service to allow visitors to find your organization on a map. Fill all fields carefully. Street, House Number, Zip Code, City
  • Telephone - an optional field. However, if provided the number is used by the mobile apps to allow prospects and customers to contact you.

See also: Legal Agreement

Step 2: Answer the confirmation email

Step 3: Administrator approval

Step 4: Setup your Organization

If you are administrator of the organization team then you will be able to see the Administrator menu right next to your user menu. Open the administrator menu and go to Org.Profile. Then you will be able to completely setup your organization. Next images guides you to this configuration process


Adding a logo is part of your organization branding. This logo will appear on your website, on the mobile app and everyelse where there is content representing you. Describing your organization will contribute to better search results.


Categories/Business segment are very relevant for most of Regi-On Services therefore we encourage you to position your business by checking the appropriate boxes


It is always useful to describe your business opening hours. Click on the calendar and you should obtain a selected cell. Now that cell is part of your opening hours. You can immediately see the changes below the calendar view.

Social media presence or, Social Card is a collection of pages representing your organization. Although the organization may have many Facebook pages, many Twitter accounts, Many LinkedIn pages and so on, selecting one from each social media channel will build your online presence.


Finally press Save Settings to save your settings. You can always come back to this page to update them.

Step 5: Create your Organization Social Media Presence

Would you like to have a professional setting of your social media presence, call the admin of the platform. Otherwise you can do it yourself following the below guidelines:

Facebook Page(s) and Group(s)

FB page.png

Before create a Facebook page make sure you have your branding ready:

  • Page name - appears also in the page URL (if page name is RegiOn.Lausitz then the URL is ). There are already a lot of Facebook pages, so the first choice might NOT be available. If you don't find a right one, you may try to append the name of the city or region (such as Lausitz) to your preferred name.
  • Short description - Fill the section with key details of your business. include the most important information about what you offer to your audience, so they instantly understand why your page should matter to them. MAX 155 characters!
  • Website URL - You will inform the Regi-On representative about the domain name you want to assign to your website ( such as ).
  • Topics. Provide 3 words best describing your business. It is recommended to be included in Reg-On categories (defined above by your organization account)
  • Profile Picture - fbprofilePagename.png. The profile image MUST be SQUARE and at least 180x180 pixels.
  • Cover Picture - fbcoverPagename.png. The cover image MUST be a 851px width and 315px height PNG image.
  • Impressum - impressum.txt. You MUST provide a text document with his impressum. It will be linked to the page by the Regi-On representative.

See also

To create a Facebook page you must:

  • Go to
  • Click to choose a Page category
  • Select a more specific category from the dropdown menu and fill out the required information
  • Click Get Started and follow the on-screen instructions

Twitter Account(s)

  1. Choose your username: @username. Your @username is your business’s unique identifier on Twitter. It should be 15 characters or less and should be memorable and representative of your business so that you can be easily found.
  2. Profile photo. Choose a photo that visually represents your business and fits well in a small space. This image will be shown as the icon in every Tweet you post. Recommended image size: 400x400 pixels. Image is automatically resized to fit.
  3. Bio. You have 160 characters to tell your story with a clear, concise bio that describes your business, products or services. Tell people why your business is unique and why they should follow you. You could also add in useful information such as opening hours and location.
  4. URL. Add the URL of your website/blog
  5. Header image. Showcase your business with a large, rich image. You could feature products or services, or you could edit the image to include copy which highlights a special sale or promotion. Recommended size: 1500x500 pixels. Image is automatically resized to fit.

G+ Account

LinkedIn Page(s) and Group(s)


Your OWN Mobile Application

If you book a package including your own mobile app, then you have to prepare:

  • Name of the customer blog mobile app. Usually is a short name derived from the company branding name. If the name is NOT available it will receive something like "Lausitz" as an addition. This name is the name the app will show on the smartphone.
  • Launcher Icon Playstore - a 512x512px png file to be shown in Google Play Store.
  • Background Image of the tablet view. btablet.png.(consider 1200x1920px or 1600x2560px both portrait - the default orientation of the apps, or a repeating background picture)

Step 6: Setup your Social Accounts

Social accounts.png

You can add, delete, set defaults of your organization social media presence channels.

  • Only the organization administrator can setup channels. He decides which channels (Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, ...) are AVAILABLE to the organization.
  • The standard users MUST bind their organization AVAILABLE channels. Only binding a channel to your user account permits publishing on that channel.
  • To add an account you must click on Add Channel and follow the on screen instructions.

  • To set an account as a default channel for publishing your content, click on the checkbox corresponding to it from the column above the Default button and then click the Default button Default

  • To remove a channel click on the checkbox corresponding to it from the column above the Remove button and then click the Remove button.

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