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Regi-On is a complete Online Presence Management solution, the one place solution, allowing businesses to create and maintain their Web presence (live journal), their mobile presence (their own mobile application), their regional mobile presence, and their online social media presence (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, YouTube...) inclusive social measurements such as visibility rate, preference rate, amplitude rate and conversation rate.

Using Regi-on, an organization can manage all the digital channels through their prospects and customers.

Reg-On is a great value for any small and medium size enterprise because of its features and price.


Is Regi-On operating-system dependent?

NO. Regi-On is not dependent on any one operating system. To use it you only need Internet access and an up to date Web browser.

What are the browsers that are supported by Regi-On?

We recommend to use up to date versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE11 but Regi-On should work on any other modern browser.

I have some unanswered questions. How do I get in touch with the support team?

Would you have to ask a question to better understand our guidelines, just use the embedded comments at the bottom of each wiki page. Otherwise you should contact your regional platform administrator.

Can I create my Online Presence Management from scratch?

YES. Regi-On is a complete solution for managing your online presence. With Regi-On you can get:

  1. Your Regional Mobile Presence - once you become a member you get a partner page in the regional app. You can publish daily content inside the app; See screenshots of a regional app
  2. Your Web Presence - as a Regi-On member you can have a complete and dynamic website solution covering all usual capabilities of modern CMS systems (such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, ...) Live examples of member Websites: ,
  3. Your Social Media Presence - Regi-On members enjoy a complete and automatic solution to manage the social media presence of their organization


  • Facebook - Whenever you create an article, poster, event or offer you can publish a summary on the organization's Facebook page(s), on the groups you are member of, or on any other Facebook page you have rights to post.
  • Twitter - A summary any of your item (article, poster, event, offer, ...) can be published on any Twitter account you have rights to post.
  • YouTube - You can publish your videos on your organization YouTube account. These videos can be linked to your content but they are also visible on the YouTube platform and in the Google search.
  • LinkedIn - A summary of your item can be published on your organization LinkedIn page, as well as in any groups you have the right to post.
  • Xing - You can publish a summary of your item on your Xing page.
  • Your OWN Mobile Application - Would you be a medium organization who need its OWN mobile presence, Regi-On powers your own mobile application. It can be branded with your desired name, logo, playstore description and so on. Contact your regional platform administrator for more details. See Regi-On Lausitz App screenshots.

Do I need to pay for using Regi-On? Is Regi-On a free tool?

Regi-On is an enterprise software BUT, due to generous donations, is FREE. To get a complete information about features please contact your regional platform manager.

What is a Publishing Channel?

Regi-On Publishing Channels are:

  • Mobile channel - your organization presence in the regional mobile application.
  • Social Media channels: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your own local private social network
  • Web channel: your website - world wide accesible, indexed by search engines.

Whenever you publish content you will have to set on which channels this content will be published (Channels can also be configured as "default" or "implicit" from Social Acounts menu.)

Can I publish on other people personal account?

NO. Regi-On does not allow impersonation, unless YOU give your account data to someone else. Don't do that. If you want to let a collaborator to create content just inform your platform administrator to add him as a team member. Send us an email containing at least: the name and the email of your collaborator.

What is the organization team?

Regi-On allows organizations to have more members to create content on behalf of that organization. This is the organization team. Each team member can bind hers own social media channels (of course the ones that she has access).

For example:

We have John and Mary as team members of JM Inc.

  • John can bind the following Social Media channels: his Facebook User, JM Inc Page1 and his Twitter account
  • Mary can bind: hers FB User, JM Inc Page1, JM Inc. Page 2 and JM Inc Twitter account.


  • John will not be able to post on JM Inc. Twitter account but Mary can post on JM Inc. Page 1
  • John cannot bind Mary's FB User timeline. Mary cannot bind John's FB User timeline
  • Mary cannot post on John's FB User timeline, John cannot post on Mary's FB User timeline.

How to Add a New Team Member?

At this time, would you like a new team member, plase inform by email the platform administrator. The email MUST contain at least: the name and the email of the desired new team member as well as your organization name. Note that a team member can be admin of your online presence or a simple member.

Can I save the published content on my computer?

NO. Regi-On is a Web platform which saves the data on its servers. However, would you like to save the content locally, then proceed like with any other web page. Go to your website and use your browser to save that page.

YES, Regi-On provides a data backup solution would you need your raw data. Contact your regional administrator on this matter.

Does Regi-On imposes any content creation limits?

NO. Regi-On does not impose any content creation limits. You can create as many items (articles, posters, events or offers) as you like.

When should I publish an Article?

The Article is the most comprehensive kind of content and consists of a title/headline, summary, main image and body as are they described by Wikipedia Article (publishing) page. It should be used to inform your prospects and customers about certain novelties of your organization or bussiness.

Read more:

When should I publish a Poster?

The Poster is a form of promotion by informing your customers of any news concerning your organization. It is mainly focused on communicating visually (through an image) but it may contain a description explaining further what it is about. In this sense it is similar to the article but it's content is much more short and simple. Read more:

When should I publish an Event?

The Event is a form of promotion, announcing an event that will be organized by your organization. It has a duration, and a location (by default is set as your organization's address). These will be complemented on the website by human language interpretation (ex: "more than 5h to end") and by showing the location on the map so it is very important that you provide the correct data.

It is similar to the offer but the event is better suited for promoting events which cover a longer period or a wider range of products. In the extended publishing mode you can even attach certain offers you have published before to your event.

When should I publish an Offer?

The offer is a basic way of promotion, it is perfect for announcing a discount price on a product. It will show a price and the period of validity for the offer. In the regional mobile application it can include the 2-click-buying process if applicable.

It is similar to the Event but it is better suited for promoting a small, more specific range of products.

Read more:

What is an "Attached Offer"?

Either you publish an article an event or an offer you can attach other available offers of your organization. See for example, How to publish an advanced article.

Can I delete my published items?

YES. You can delete your published content. Regi-On allows you to completely delete an item (from ALL Web and Mobile channels) or selectively delete an item from a specific social channel (e.g., delete from Facebook).

Note that if BEFORE YOUR DELETION the content was already shared by readers, Regi-On cannot do nothing about that. However, the shared link will no longer be vaild.

Can I make changes in an item that is already published, do I have to re-publish the item?

NO. Once you publish an item it cannot be changed anymore. The only way to achieve a change is to remove this item and create a new updated one. However, you can use our publish from template feature which will reuse your previous work saving time and effort.

What text formatting options does Regi-On offer?

Regi-On Publisher allows you to write simple content i.e., simple text with plain links, as well as more complex one (full fledged HTML editor). Read more about that:

Can I include bulleted and numbered lists in my content?

YES. You MUST use advanced publishing (i.e., HTML editor). Then usual constructs of HTML lists can be used. See also RGN How to use the HTML Editor

Can I include slide shows in my content?

YES. You MUST use advanced publishing (i.e., HTML editor). Inform yourself from the platform admin.

Why is My Logo appearing on the Article/Event/Offer card?

Regi-on uses the organization logo as default option whan you DO NOT SPECIFY a PREVIEW IMAGE for your content.

Can I add images to an item (article/poster/event/offer)?

YES. When you publish basic content ( basic article, poster, basic event, basic offer) there is the option to add an image to your text content.

When you publish advanced content the editor offers you all necessary features. Of course, using the advanced HTML editor you can add as many imeges as you wish.

Can I change an added image after publishing?

NO. We advise you to plan your posting: Before publishing prepare your digital assets.

Can I crop an image? If so, how?

YES. See Advances of Photo Editor.

Can I copy an image and paste it in different items?

NO. You don't have to copy/paste images. You'll find all your images in the Media Assets Manager.

Can I add a video to an item (article/poster/event/offer)?

YES. Any of your YouTube channel videos or other YouTube videos (you need to know the link) can be embedded into your content.

Does Regi-On support animation?

YES. But this is a feature for advanced users. Ask the platform administrator about that.

Can people react to my published content?

YES. People can react on your content anywhere it is published. Your readers can: comment, rate, like and share your content. Regi-on has a sophisticated reaction tool, monitoring the reactions of your readers on ALL distribution channels. You get informed and can answer immediately, whenever a reader react on a specific channel (comments on an article on your website, comments/likes a photo on Facebook, ... ).

Regi-On Toolbar.png

Can I share my published content with specific people?

YES. Use the Regi-On toolbar to share on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Can people rate my content?

YES. By clicking on the rating stars of the Regi-On toolbar they can rate your content from 1 star to 5 stars.

Can people join my events?

YES. Like on Facebook, people can join a published event. Our analytics module informs about the number of participation intents.

Can people claim my offers?

YES. Any user of the regional mobile app or your own mobile app can claim an offer. Regi-On implements a 2-click-buy solution allowing you to get fast informed on any customer claim. Of course, you are able to immediately inform your customer (our apps use dedicated customer notification service) and deliver.

Can my website show my organization opening hours?

YES. See How to Use Opening Hours Widget .

I have a website domain bound to the platform. Can I change it?

Can I pin my latest article on my website front page?

Actually NO. But, for example, you can create a simple Standard Widget with a link to the post you like to promote.For example,

to do

Can I pin my latest event on the website front page?

YES. You can always show the last published event on the front page by using the Event Widget

Can I pin my latest offer on my website front page?

Can I add a static text on my website front page?

YES. Use our Text Widget. Notice that this widget also supports HTML but no scripting (NO JavaScript and NO iframes)

Can I show a list of my latest posts?

YES. You must use the Post Entries Widget .

Can my website embed my Facebook followers widget?

YES. You should use our Standard Widget allowing you to embed the necessary Facebook code. For example:


Can my website embed my Twitter followers widget?

YES. Use the standard widget allowing you to embed the necessary Twitter code. For example:

<a class="twitter-timeline" 
  Tweets by @Binary_Park
<script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");

Does my website support JavaScript? Can I add my own scripts?

YES. You can do that by using the standard widget. However, you must understand that inserting foreign JavaScript code on your website can harm it. If you really need this it is probably better to first contact your regional platform manager.

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