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An automated publishing tool allowing its users to present information on multiple Web channels: on the organization website, on the regional mobile application, on the organization mobile application, on various social media channels

The Menu Toolbar

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  • Reactions - where you receive all reactions to the content published by your organization.
  • Explorer - a timeline view containing your recent published items (Articles, Posters, Events, Offers...). You can also perform operations such as republishing, removal of items or templating facilities.
  • Publishing - You can publish Articles, Posters, Events, Offers... on your online social media presence (the website, on social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing, ... - your mobile application and the regional mobile application. There are two modes: simple and advanced - each offering the same kinds of items but the advanced publishing include more sophisticated capabilities.
  • Tools - help in the creation of content for your posts

Configuring Your Online Presence

  • User Profile You can change the password for your Regi-On user account and other data related to your user account.
  • Organization Profile You can add or update the information about your organization account. This section is only accessible for the administrator of the organization's team.
  • Social Accounts
  • Website Settings - This section is available only for the administrators of the organization's team. You can setup and customize the organization's blog appearance and functionality.
  • How to switch the organization If you are a member of more than one organization teams you can switch between them.




Explorer is the page where you can keep trace of your recently published items and perform simple management tasks such as re-publish, use as template and delete.



The Reactions is the page where you get all messages regarding the items you published. Disqus comments, Facebook comments, Twitter replyes and mentions, all of these are displayed in the reactions page. You can directly reply these messages.

Type of messages:

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